Revved Up…

There’s a great little Café and clothing outlet in our town that is geared towards bikers. The café is popular and bikers come from all over to visit. It’s a great little seaside town and the sight and sound of these people when they are in town is quite unique.
Some of their rides are often unique as well. In the spring of last year (2014) there was a particularly special day, a weekend when we seemed to have a huge contingent. Some of the bikes were… what can I say, they were special.

The sun was shining, this particular bike was in immaculate condition, it didn’t just shine, it almost glowed.

I wanted that to show in the image…

Revved Up


Not only am I pleased with the result of this, the reminder of the moment and the vehicles that were there, I’m pleased with the emotion it gives off as well. There’s no other image in the set I took that day that comes close to this capture. Of course I processed it after all that’s what I do 🙂 but the result makes me feel particularly good.

It gives me a warm feeling, a happy feeling. It does exactly what I wanted it to do – and some more.

What do you feel?


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