Spring isn’t far now…

Another new illustration style finish. I was in Portmeirion with my wife and my sister (a few years ago actually) and this is one of those images that was OK, but not really worth displaying or using on it’s own. Robins are renowned for their rather friendly, often cheeky posing. This was one of those occasions and I couldn’t resist it. The main problem – as is so often the case – is the setting which really was rather dull, consequently I never really did anything with it.

However I was looking back through some images a little while ago and decided to give this an illustrated look. It is a pretty complicated retouching process, but is still a lot quicker than starting from scratch with a brush and some acrylic. I’m quite pleased with the result of this and I think I’ll maybe look at a few more in my collection and see if they are deserving of the effort of retouching into something more like this.

Pick Me…



Pick Me Canvas WrapI think it is especially good for printing on canvas…

As a matter of interest here’s the original (un-tretouched) image I started with.

Pick Me Robin


Always interested in any comments you may have (don’t be shy). There’s already an interesting debate developing over this treatment, so I’d be really interested in your thoughts.


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