Photo Art Friday

This is something new for me. There’s a great site for Showcasing PhotoArt. They have a link opportunity for all genuine photo artists (not artists that take photos of their work) every Friday. Go take a look, they explain it much better than I can, but it’s a brilliant opportunity for budding artists like me.

You can post any photo art you like but they have an optional theme every week if you want to have a go.
This week the theme is VINTAGE…

Photo Art Friday

This picture was one of those moments while just out walking. My wife actually pointed it out, hidden amongst other trees and undergrowth and looking rather old and tired, it was a natural subject. I’ve removed a lot of the foreground foliage because it interfered with the tree itself. Which then meant having to ‘paint back’ some of the tree where the foreground had obliterated it. The rest was then giving it the sepia treatment, well actually its a mixture of three different treatments that I played around with until I was happy. Finally the border I think just adds to the atmosphere. So whilst maybe not a true vintage treatment I think the Great Old Oak itself goes a long way towards filling that category anyway.

So that’s my contribution this week. Go on over and have a look at all the other contributions as well.

Photo Art Friday

Let the inspiration soar…


24 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday

  1. I too love old trees and you did a great job on this one. And the frame is a good addition to the image. 🙂

    If you like abstract art I have a meme for that. You are welcome if you like.

    1. I’m pretty hooked on art of nearly all genres, except maybe some more modern 3D attempts. But that is a personal thing. Thank you for the lookin and comment, I’ll definitely be coming to take a look around.

  2. An exquisite piece.

    Your take on vintage is exceptional, instructive in its difference and it is YOUR take we want to see. Loved reading about your editing process. Thank you so much for sharing your artistry and artistic process with Photo Art Friday.

    1. You’re very kind. I’m looking forward to creating/showing more. If the subject fits, then I’ll give that a go as well but I know it won’t always be possible.
      Thank you again everyone, for your comments.

    1. There is something about old trees that evokes ‘wise’ comments. In a way it’s probably like images of weather beaten old faces (especially darker skinned) the lines appear to hold the secret of ages. Now that doesn’t mean I’m comparing wise old people with trees – it’s the other way around 🙂
      Thank you for the comment.

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