Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

In the previous challenges I’ve entered, I mostly looked through my archives and found suitable candidates for entry. This time however it was much more difficult to do this. Not because there were no suitable items from my past but because there were far too many. Photography is a challenge, a much loved challenge for me. I’m not a photographer as such and my equipment is decidedly amateur at best (I have a Panasonic DMC-FZ18). Don’t get me wrong it is a great little camera, but in professional photographic terms it is of course somewhat limited.
What I have a genuine passion for is taking the photographs I produce and then enhancing them, taking them (I think) up a notch or two and turning them into what I term Photo Art. This week’s challenge subject therefore is dear to my heart because I tend to take 2/3 or more of my photos and merge them into one piece of photo art. For this image “Sunrise under the Pier”…
Under Sunrise
I went out yesterday morning and positioned myself under the local pier at about 5:30am and waited for sunrise. Believe it or not I took about 185 photos in total. Each shot I took was bracketed +/-1.0 in order to produce an HDR image. For those of you who aren’t sure what HDR means it basically stands for High Dynamic Range and is a blend of two or more exposures to gain good detail in all areas of the image. From the brightest highlight area to the darkest shadow are. In my case I had a metered (correct) exposure with two more, one at +1 and another -1 EV.
I took one shot almost directly at the sun (looking slightly left out from under the pier) and another looking directly down the length of the pier to give the shot the depth it now has, each of these was three differently exposed shots.
The result above is the merging of all six photos to create this image. I quite like it and I think it suits the subject this week, but I’ll let you be the judges of that.

If you haven’t discovered the WordPress Photo Challenges yet, and want to know more, read all about it here.


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