Magical Rainbow

On a trip to China in 2007 (the year before they hosted the Olympics) my wife and I spent 3 weeks touring, visiting and simply standing in awe amongst some of the most dazzling scenery in the world.

This is the Reed Flute Caves near the city of Guilin in South Central China. Other recognisable images from the area include the Karst Limestone Mountains, with peaks numbering in the thousands – there’s an example of the type of mountains I mean here. There’s also the equally famous terraced rice fields cut into the mountain sides at Longji village.

Magical Rainbow

These caves near Guilin are of course lit for the tourist trade, to show them at their most dazzling. But because the ceiling in this particular formation (which I think is called ‘Crystal Palace’) like many is constantly dripping lime rich water and therefore magical moments are possible with a bit of luck and good management.

I hope you enjoy.


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