Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

This is maybe, just a little outside the box but…
35th Wedding Anniversary

My wife and I celebrated our 35th Wedding Anniversary last week (August 1st) and I arranged for a surprise cake. As my wife is mad on owls I had these used as the theme. We have grown over the years (and I don’t just mean ‘old’). Our paths have been inextricably intertwined and we have grown into the marriage together. We are very different people to the two youngsters that got married all that time ago, but because we have grown together – our knowledge of each other has grown, our bond has grown stronger, our family has grown and our tummies as well (but that’s another story).

Just photographing the cake wasn’t enough for me I had to grow that as well (after all it’s what I do). The retouched photo adds my own feelings (and of course my wife’s) to the whole picture.
I hope you like the idea.

If you haven’t discovered the WordPress Photo Challenges yet, and want to know more, read all about it here.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

  1. congratulations on your wedding anniversary and what a kind thought to choose the cake in your wife’s liking , love the touches you have added to the cake.

    1. Thank you very much for the congrats. and the like. My wife has always loved owls so not a difficult choice. It would have been far more difficult finding something to do with coral! 🙂

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