Yachting on the Naze

We live in a beautiful area. Known as the sunshine coast (surely not a misnomer) we have the English Channel (North Sea) on one side and the Backwaters on the other. On the Backwaters is a large boating community, with a lovely marina and quite a large volume of craft, of varying sizes and types.
Because we do have a regular supply of wind, sailing is popular. There are a number of groynes and break waters along the shore to help against erosion but they also provide some good photo opportunities at times as well.
This image is a combination of two images, one timed exposure for the yacht and water (and I really like the smooth water created) and the other is a static one for the foreground groyne and gulls. I feel the yachting image on its own is quite nice but the addition of the static version of the gulls in the foreground adds to the tranquillity. I was tempted to add the yacht back from the static version as well but I kind of like the ‘ghostly’ image created by the long exposure. Of course in the long exposure the gulls have also moved and are ghostly (and therefore undefined) as well.
I would really like to know what others think. Do let me know.Yachting on the Sunshine Coast


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