Sunsets, sunsets, beautiful sunsets

Georgian Street Lamp
Sunrays on the Backwaters
Sunset over the Water
Sunset on the Reeds

As common as they are, they never cease to amaze me and I can never get enough of them. The two bottom ones on the right were taken within just a couple of minutes of each other. All I did was move around the mini-lake a little for the different view point.
The setup and exposures were identical but the reflection (in the middle one) only presented itself when I moved my position.
Being in the right place at the right time is vital for memorable shots. Sometimes that can be engineered, but more often than not
it is a matter of luck.
The larger ‘Lamplight’ shot is just one of those pure chance items with a little management built in. The coast along just where this shot was taken is dotted with these Georgian Street Lamps and they can be very attractive. While walking back up from the beach this day, I happened to notice that the lamp looked like it was lit. In fact it wasn’t, it was merely the low sun that was reflecting through the glass. By the time I’d prepared my camera I had to position myself differently to get the same effect, because the sun had moved. The chance element was catching a glimpse of the effect as I walked up the path. The management part was having to position myself very carefully to capture the effect I had seen. And the position had to be surprisingly precise, six inches either way (left or right) and the ‘lit’ wasn’t there at all.
Til next time, when the chances are I won’t be showing you another sunset. Well, I don’t think so… 🙂


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