Unknown Origins

Beach DriftwoodWalking along the beach a while ago I couldn’t resist this piece of driftwood.
Right up against the dunes at the top of the beach it just sat there saying “I’m beautiful, please photograph me” so out came the camera.
Sounds daft I know, but it comes close the the reaction I had to the sight of this old tree that had travelled from who knows where – to the beach I happened to be walking on. A combination of the sea water, sun and sand had aged, moulded and transformed it from its original incarnation into this piece of sculpture on the beach.
The colours have been altered slightly (it was actually rather grey that day) and I’ve altered the depth of field (post shooting). This was just done to highlight the root system that I found particularly interesting. What’s also fascinating is the unknown origin of the tree. It could have been swept from just a mile up the beach, or it could have travelled thousands of miles. It could just as easily be from a patch of undergrowth that has recently fallen into the sea, as it could be from an eroded coastline that has been buried for thousands (or more) years.
Suffice to say, I’ll never know because the next time I went onto the beach it was gone… plenty of other driftwood was scattered around but that also would be gone in just a few days. I am so lucky to live in an area that is so varied and constantly changing.
Just as I know I am fairly besotted by sunsets and you should be prepared to see many more of them, I am equally fascinated by our ever changing, constantly eroding coastline. So come back for some more of these sort of pictures as well.


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