Wow that’s big…

In 2007 I was privileged to spend 3 weeks touring China with my wife. There are a huge number of images from this trip, each with their own special meaning. This is a low level shot of the Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai. At 88 floors it was at the time the tallest building in Shanghai and a very imposing structure.
Jin Mao Tower Shanghai
Never ones to shy away from showing off their prowess, the Chinese don’t do anything by halves. The whole of Shanghai (in fact practically all of China) is dressed, lit, framed, promoted and made accessible like almost nowhere else I have been in the world. This appears to be fairly evidently done, specifically for the purpose of making things look larger than life, bolder, bigger, brighter, more expensive etc. and unashamedly so. I can only say it works!
The observation deck (on the 84th floor I think it was) is 340 metres above the ground. While we were there this impressive building was beginning to be dwarfed by the Shanghai World Financial Center under construction next door. With its observation deck being 474m above ground level.
Even that is now being overshadowed by a new neighbour, The Shanghai Tower, a 128-story giant located next to these two already awesome buildings. If you like architecture in all its unashamed, bold as brass showmanship, there is nowhere better than China and specifically Shanghai in particular.


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