The strength old age brings

Wow, where is time going? It is a criminally long time since I last posted here. Apologies to all those who have taken the step to follow, apologies to those as well who thought it was a blessing that I haven’t been posting for a while 🙂 It has been a rather busy time, family wise mainly but enjoyable none-the-less.

This shot is one of those that was almost accidental in the making. It was a lovely looking shape, spring time it was – before any new green leaves were on show. There were a few extraneous branches that didn’t do the shot any favours – criss-crossing in the middle distance – so I removed them. I cropped a lot tighter than the original and gave the image a few different treatments to bring out the detail and enhance the mono look, then gave it the faded, sepia treatment. The border was the icing on the cake, a strong, bronzy, almost ancient, polished cabinet look.

This is the end result…
Forest in Spring
Good enough now to join the Photo Art section on my website. All the shots I have in that section will be made available for sale in few different guises. Please come over and take a look.


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