A Room with a View

An enormous volume of the work I do includes a great deal of photo comping and this is no more evident than combining elements of different photos into one picture. Advertising and brochure/leaflet work provides a great deal of this and requires a lot of different areas of knowledge and expertise.
You have to be aware of lighting, colour, scales, perspective and of course composition. With this particular image there were many shots of the property that were used to show the style, colours, make-up and size etc. Size! Wow! The property is enormous, the equivalent of 7/8 bedrooms and 4/5 bathrooms. But there weren’t any that really showed the location. Of course all the images are actually from the location, but none of them included the property within them.
Switzerland Property
This is a combination of three different photos – the foreground, background and the property itself. The composition allowed for text in the image on the right or above, which was important for the brochure use, also important in composition was the angle of the background – the property photo is from a low angle so the background also needed to show a lot of sky and no foreground at all.
But what does it for me is the foreground. The inclusion of a close, slightly out of focus bit of foliage (not just perfect flowers!) helps make it look real. For me that’s important, and I think for most other people at least the impression of reality is pretty important too.


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