Mist Eerie Tree

Been a bit pre-occupied, haven’t been back here for a little while. So I thought I’d just do something a little whacky.
Creating things is fun. It doesn’t have to be awesome, just different enough to pose a threat to the normal way of thinking…
Is it correct? Can that happen? Is it the right way up? Is that even possible?

Daft questions? Of course they are. but it is just those sort of questions that images like this can present.
Light on the edge
Maybe even add a grungy edge…
On the edge
Give it a go, play with the colour, add some mysterious fog, bring in a new light source. You’d be surprised just what you can conjure up if you just let your mind wander a bit.

I kinda like this one now. Let me know what you think while I play around with some more.


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