Sunset after the Storm

There’s a magic about being in the right place at the right time, something just makes the whole thing extra special. My wife and I are privileged to live in an area that affords us magical views. We live on a peninsula so look out over the sea from one side of the house and over the backwaters from the other. Because of the direction the house faces this gives us sunrise over the sea and sunset over the backwater.
Skyline after the storm

When this image was taken we’d just had a fairly heavy rainstorm. The sky was exceptionally black, the rain had stopped over our house but it was still raining on the horizon. So when the sun started poking through the breaking cloud there were some great ray shapes but not a lot of colour.

A short while later the sky had changed dramatically but I realised the sun was reflecting rather nicely through the raindrops that the storm had left on the window.
Raindrops on the window

Sunset through the rain

So I decided to make something else by isolating the raindrops and combining the two. That’s a rather over-simplified description of the methods adopted and obviously isn’t to everyone’s taste. However this is now just one of a huge number of images that form a new ‘Photo Art’ section on my website that’ll be going live VERY soon.

I like them all actually. But the final one now takes pride of place on the wall, framed and hung for all to see.


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