The right atmosphere

We’ve all been to those special places or events that conjure up unique memories when you talk about them afterwards.
All the photos here were taken at a special hillclimb that runs between St Romain and Anzère, Switzerland every year (usually late July). Called the ‘Course de côte Ayent-Anzère’ (Ayent-Anzère Hillclimb), it is such great fun to watch as it’s open to all different classes of vehilce, from pretty much basic street cars to full spec. rally beasts, super saloons, even the lower end formulas and bikes too.
It really is quite exciting because you can get very close to the action (and I mean VERY close), and the noise bouncing around the mountain sides is incredibly atmospheric.

Now you have enough pictures for a great album, you could even print it out if you like. Even if you leave it as a digital collection, flicking through it later will regenerate the atmosphere that was present on the day, won’t it?

What it really needs is a title page to set the scene, so you look through and find a suitable candidate…

It’s a good shot – fairly well composed, good exposure
and it’s frozen the detail on the car beautifully, but…

it just doesn’t conjure up the atmosphere like it was. Not to worry, I update pictures like this, for that very reason, quite often.
By isolating the car, giving a sense of movement to the background, spinning the wheels a bit and cropping closer in, a lot of the atmosphere from the actual day comes flooding back.

When you get a little stuck like this, come over to my website (clicking any of the pics will take you there), take a look at the different things available, give me a shout and we’ll solve it together.


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