A frozen moment

With all the recent snow we’ve had, and yes we have had quite a bit (for us anyway), I was thinking frozen and it reminded me of a photo taken back in 2008. I was in the Gruyère Valley in Switzerland in September that year and took this shot of a lovely brook, running through a particularly pretty area.

A Moment in time

The shot itself, I think, is quite nice but when looking back on it I was really disappointed.
I love the atmosphere of wetness, the colours in the moss on the almost human like stump to the right, the water cascading over the rocks…ahem!

There’s plenty of other shots from the series I may share another time, even better shots actually, but it was the frozen theme that got me thinking.

Looking particularly at the water running over the rocks – what disappointed me was that I hadn’t captured the movement of the water with a longer exposure, equally I hadn’t taken it with a fast enough shutter speed to properly freeze it either.
I decided to retouch it to look at the effect I may have achieved if I’d exposed it for the water movement. Hence this other version…


What I’d be really interested in (apart from comments on my retouching prowess of course)
is which version you actually prefer – do you prefer the original with the (almost) frozen water, or the retouched version that imitates the moving water?
For my own preference I think this retouched version has the edge. Even if the original had managed to capture the water in a magical moment, I prefer the atmosphere of the movement in the water.

It was a very pretty little area and this is evident
(in both versions of course) but the little bit of movement in this tiny area of the stream adds a little excitement and therefore conjures up a more vivid memory.
Over to you… which one is it?



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