That before and after feeling

This was just one of those ‘Social Media’ images that are posted almost every minute of every day. But the opportunity arose for me
to create a portrait version that could be given as a gift.
The before image is lovely – two very pretty ladies, obviously out, having a good time and getting someone to snap a
memory moment for them – a nice photo.


Two Pretty Ladies

The after image is dramatically different though, but the girls are still there. They’ve been glam’d up obviously but not beyond a point that couldn’t have been achieved with some creative photography in the first place. I also cropped a bit closer to add some more impact. They’ve been friends since they were young and this lovely result was produced as an A3 photo, framed and given as a Christmas gift.


Two Prettier Ladies

Portraits are a common request and it isn’t always obvious what is the best shot to use as an original. That doesn’t matter, just give me a choice of originals and I’ll let you know what I think is a good choice and what I think I could do with it. It’s great fun (really I thoroughly enjoy it) and the results are sometimes surprising – my ideas aren’t always what you might expect.


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