Clear Winter Skies

There’s something about sunsets and winter. I don’t think it’s just the light, or the air quality, or much else scientific for that matter, I believe there is something much more ethereal involved. I have hundreds of them, maybe even thousands (I’m too scared to count) and there are millions more out here in this digital paradise we all now call a sort of home. Well we’re all familiar enough with it to call it a home anyway.
There’s a romanticism about sunsets, and particularly the winter ones, something that sets them apart from the mire. When you’re as lucky as we are to live on a peninsular, we get the best of both worlds. The shot below is taken from our bedroom window, obviously facing fairly close to west. Behind me on the other side of the house is the open sea where the sun rises (I have a few of them as well, maybe I’ll post one later).
I’ve cropped the shot because I like the loneliness of the sun sinking between a few trees on the horizon, that’s accentuated a bit by the panoramic view. It’s also quite natural, no tripod, no special settings, just a hand held, point and click. It’s therefore completely unforced and provides its own magic – dark, moody but undeniably romantic!
My business is in retouching, enhancing and bringing out the best in peoples snaps. I could have enhanced this and maybe I will one day, but I love it just how it is…

Backwater Sunset
Sunset over the Backwaters

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